RVE is a family owned business specialising in creating special vehicles through interior and exterior enhancement. Formally known as Auckland Auto Trimmers, we have supplied the New Zealand auto industry since 1968 earning a solid reputation for our devotion to exemplary quality and service. Our talented team pride themselves on leading the world in every aspect of vehicle enhancement.

RVE is committed to exceeding customer expectations with a culture that strives to deliver more than expected.

RVE specialises in 'Special Edition' packages that bridge the gap between the manufacturer options and the vehicle owners desires.  WE CREATE PASSION.

We are a design company that creates products and packages that go above and beyond the mainstream constraints of mass production. We are a 'one-stop-shop' that designs, consults, develops and supplies unique competitive packages to dealerships and vehicle distributors.

RVE enhanced vehicles are a statement of personality that will make the neighbours envious while giving the owner a deep sense of achievement.


Our mission is to enhance the mass produced vehicle into a statement of passion and personality through unique and amazing accessorisation. Our incredibly talented team are committed to lead the field in every aspect of our industry.


Managing Director





Managing Director

Dave took over from his father Victor in 1995. With a background in engineering and automotive upholstery he leads with an in-depth knowledge of every facet of the industry.

With a passion for sales and marketing Dave strives to create mutually beneficial 'win-win' business alliances. 



Business Development Director & International Sales

Jim is the man that drives the development of RVE's cutting edge systems and technology. With a technical background and uncanny ability to solve any problem, Jim brings the team together to create a formidable force.

Called 'Mr Fix-it" Jim's experience of what works and what doesn't, brings class leading reliability to RVE's entire product range. 



Business Development Director & Design

Mark is the design and innovative powerhouse at RVE. Having mastered car upholstery early in his career. Mark has gone on to develop programmes beyond the design constraints of existing parameters.

With an eye for international automotive trends Mark brings the 'magic' to RVE and exceeds clients expectations with concepts and custom designs.





Dealer Sales

Craig is one of New Zealand's most known and respected re-sellers of vehicle fashion. With a phone that is never off and many years in the automotive industry, Craig is one of RVE's special assets. 


matt ahern

Dealer Sales

Matt joined RVE in 2019 after a distinguished career in the wholesale wheel and tyre business. Along with a passion for satisfying dealer requirements, Matt’s client relationships and vast accessory knowledge make him cornerstone to RVE’s expansion.



Inside Sales and Customer Service Relations

Beulah is a key member of our team, dealing with customers requests and orders quickly and effectively.  She started at RVE in late 2016 and has taken to the automotive industry. Beulah enjoys travelling, socialising and being outdoors.



Inside Sales and Customer Service Relations

Originally from the UK, Nina has 12 years of customer relations experience. Nina brings a fresh dynamic with diverse experience in the real estate, finance and recruitment industries. Nina has an eye for detail and problem solving with an ambition to enhance RVE customers experience.

In Nina's spare time she enjoys yoga, landscape photography and escaping into nature. 



Inside Sales and Customer Service Relations

Originally from South Africa, Anneline has 10 years experience working in the automotive industry; particularly Ford and Hyundai. With her friendly and helpful personality, Anneline ensures you are given the best experience at RVE.

When Anneline is not at work, she is taking care of her son and enjoying family life.




bob hart

Operations Manager

Bob has come to RVE with 38 years of Automotive experience. Bob has lead the operations of AA Automotive Services, Bridgeston B Select, VINZ and Drivesure. He is passionate about people  management and realizing his teams full potential. 

Bob has strong family values that are centred around honesty and integrity.


George Stanners

Operations Assistant

George is the first of the third generation and is responsible to ensure the workshop achieves its output on time for our valued clients.  Dedicated, extremely hard working and totally committed to customer satisfaction, George is an integral team player and analyser in our ‘engine room’. 



Operations Scheduler - Leather

Catrina has been a part of the RVE team since 2016 and has come from a background of sales and the automotive industry. Catrina is responsible for controlling  the flow of work through our operations, in particular the leather side. 

Elroy Shum


Procurement and Warehouse Manager

Elroy is highly trained in the logistics side of the business and brings his years of experience to the team. He is extremely dedicated and his excellent customer service relations assist our team to build our business every day. Elroy holds a key role in our team in keeping you, our valued customers, happy.

Elroy is keenly interested in body building and fitness and spends his spare time surfing and at the gym.



Anthony Stead

Anthony Stead


Anthony is the science behind RVE's marketing. With years of experience in the media industry he is responsible for web design, E-marketing, graphic design, video creation, still photography,  social media and advertising. His love of the outdoors are evident in his quest to bring fresh cutting edge innovation to RVE's marketing.



Marketing Assistant

Bea has joined the team at RVE after a stint in the corporate environment. Bea brings an artistic approach and flair to the marketing department. With a keen eye for perfection, Bea is a key player in the marketing team at RVE.




lisa bumanlag

Accounts Administrator

Lisa has been a loyal member of the RVE team for 10 years and counting. She's been through all the system innovations at RVE; from the typewriter to the latest computer-based system.

With a solid background in accounting and finance, Lisa deals with all the financial ins and outs at RVE.