FRX pack transforms Triton into a head-turner

By Paul Owen

Mitsubishi’s Triton has always been a worthy Ute to buy, but for me it has always lacked X-factor. More affordable pricing than most Japanese- and German- branded Utes, styling that became increasingly fussier ever since the demise of the good ol’ L200, and value-led marketing means that Triton owners struggle to make visual statements when they arrive at their destination du jour. The new FRX package available from Mitsubishi dealers aims to change all that.


For the $13,069 FRX package instantly transforms the Triton into a head-turner. I’ve driven VW Amarok Aventuras, Mercedes-Benz X-classes, Jeep Wrangler Brutes, Dodge Rams, and dressed-up Ford Rangers that failed to attract as much attention and interest as this Triton FRX. This Ute upgrade has the potential to turn more male heads than a couple of naked supermodels playing out a women’s tennis final. So definitely don’t dress your Triton up this way if you’re shy and wish to remain beneath the radar.

Upgraded Leather interior with RVE Monza Sport Seating

Upgraded Leather interior with RVE Monza Sport Seating

You’ll find the key to the increased visual impact of the FRX in the wheel/tyre package, which consists of 20” EVR Intrepid alloy wheels dressed in humungous 285/50 Black Bear All Terrain II tyres. These black hoops n’ shoes set the theme of an upgrade that turns most of a Triton’s shiny chrome into black chrome, adds a gloss black front over-bumper and finishes off the exterior with some tasty graphics, and matt black finishes applied to the grille and side-steps. Some red highlights are added as well, with bonnet stripes, front tow-hooks, and the rear bumper inset all featuring the colour. Options added to this particular FRX are the load tray bedrug, and the lockable powered lid that covers it (complete with key-operated remote).

There’s more to the pack when you open the door to the cabin of the Triton and encounter the new Monza sports front seats with their armour-themed inserts. These and the rear bench come upholstered in OEM-spec leather. Climb aboard via the generous side sills (complete with ridged holes that allow you scrape the mud off your boots first) and settle in – you’ll quickly find that these are some of the most, comfy front pews ever fitted to a light commercial vehicle. They felt as if tailored specifically to the curve of my spine, and the extra lateral support of the larger side bolsters improved driver comfort when cornering.

Speaking of corners, unlike many vehicles where the off-road performance envelope has been expanded, the Triton FRX isn’t afraid of them. The bigger wheels and the stiff sidewalls of the tyres keep body roll in check and add an endearing directness to the steering of the Mitsubishi. Grip doesn’t feel to have been compromised by the more aggressive tread design of the Black Bear AT II tyres either. Although there’s plenty of mud-clearing space between the various shoulder lugs and interlocking mid-tread lugs that come into contact with the road, the generous width of the tyres ensures there are still four stable foundations to secure the handling of the Triton.

The FRX pack is available for all Triton models, but the sample vehicle was strictly rear-drive only. Yet the challenges of driving a rear-drive Ute up a saturated grass-surfaced slope were quickly overcome by the claw-like grip of the Black Bears. Their performance encouraged plenty of speculation about what a 4wd Triton FRX could achieve off-road. Could it possibly climb to places where other Utes fear to tread?

I once drove a similarly-shod Mitsubishi L200 in a three-day South Island 4wd rally that encountered heavy rain on the West Coast. The tyres lived up to their mud-slinging reputation, and the L200 never once got stuck, but they were a liability when driving back on the road. They howled noisily everywhere, and the wet road grip was reduced to the point of becoming dangerous. The tyres fitted to the FRX are just as adept at chucking mud, yet they display few of the historic dynamic limitations during everyday driving on the road.

The ride of the Mitsubishi is a little firmer at speeds below 40kmh, and the Black Bears begin to growl a bit when riding over a hot-mix bitumen surface at speeds above 100kmh, but these are minor prices to pay for taking Triton to the top of the sector for visual appeal, and giving a rear-drive Ute a huge lift in traction off-road.

So, is the FRX package good value?

You get visual impact that more than rivals of the market including the $84,990 Ford Raptor, after having spent just $51,990 on a Triton GLX and the $13,069 required for the fitted FRX pack.

Leaves enough change for a boat or caravan to tow on the back.


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Keeping a lid on your load

By Paul Owen

For a lot of double-cab Ute owners, load-carrying versatility is a key consideration, and this makes the fitting of a tray canopy too restrictive. So how do they retain that ability to tailor the tray to lots of different sized loads, but also make the tray weather-proof and secure? The new RVE shutter lid appears to be the ideal solution.


The lid, with its ultra-strong sliding aluminium shutters, is available in two versions. The $3242 entry model is manually-operated and is available for Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, and Mitsubishi Triton double-cab well-side models. The $4299 electric version can by operated by a push of a button on a remote, and adds the Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, and Volkswagen Amarok to the compatible model list. No surprises then in guessing that the power-operated version will prove to be the most popular of the two lids, given that it fits a wider range of models.

Having lived with the latter power-operated shutter lid fitted to a Triton FRX for a week, I have to applaud RVE for coming up with such an elegant-looking solution that’ll make a double-cab well-side even more useful than its manufacturer intended. It rained during most of the days I drove the FRX, and the lid never let a single drop enter the load tray thanks to the extensive guttering integrated into the design. It was also a relief to know that anything valuable could be locked away below the lid, away from the sight of any inquisitive opportunists. It was also easy to appreciate the touch of class that the lid added to the working end of the Triton. The stainless shutters look as high-brow as the doors of any top-end European appliance added to a kitchen.

If items larger than the well-side’s volume are needed to be carted, racks can be added above the lid without affecting its operations. This enables large recreational items like bicycles to be carried, and there is even one rack available that’ll carry a full-sized pallet if required.


The tailgate of the well-side can still be operated with the lid fully closed adding to the convenience. However, it’s more likely that owners of the power model will simply use the remote on their key ring, and slide the lid back as they approach the fitted vehicle. It certainly makes shopping at the supermarket, one of the biggest bugbears of owning a double-cab, a lot easier, especially if it’s also equipped with one of RVE’s tray bed-rugs, which restricts items from sliding around when driving. Both the lid and rug make a fine finishing touch to any double-cab.

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New Soft Tonneau by RVE for most Utility models

RVE Soft Tonneau

RVE Soft Tonneau


•        Quality aluminium track with heavy-duty vinyl cover

•        Only be opens when tailgate is down for best security

•        Weather proof channel system keeps tray dry

•        Removable ribs inside cover ensure vinyl is taut

•        Compatible with ROC sports bars

•        No drilling or riveting required for fitting


Fits all popular utility models including:

Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50,

Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and VW Amarok

Colorado ROX claims CRC Speedshow honours

Holden’s new super-truck concept, the Colorado ROX, was awarded the ‘Best Outdoor Site’ trophy at the annual CRC Speedshow in Auckland over the weekend.

Holden Colorado ROX

Holden Colorado ROX

“We were thrilled with the crowd’s response to the Colorado ROX and winning the award was the cherry on top of a very successful weekend,” Holden NZ national marketing manager Marc Warr says.

“I lost count of how many selfies were snapped and how many people clambered in and out of the impressively high cabin.”

Standout features of the ROX, which received special praise from showgoers, were the massive 35-inch tyres, body-hugging sports seats throughout the vehicle, the imposing six-inch body and suspension lift, rear deck cargo system and 500mm tray extender.

The appearance of Colorado ROX at Speedshow followed Holden’s official announcement that it will be bringing the new 2020 model year Corvette into New Zealand.

Marc Warr

“News of the new Corvette has captured the attention of performance car enthusiasts the world over, none more so than here in New Zealand,” Warr says.

“We’ll be in a position to release further details in due course, but at the moment all we can confirm is that it will be available as a factory-produced right hand drive and will produce 369 kW from the 6.2-litre V8 engine.

“Our dealers have reported strong and immediate interest and there was plenty of positive comment at the show itself over the weekend – we simply can’t wait to get the first new Corvette into New Zealand.”

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Massive Fieldays for RVE in 2019

2019 Fieldays saw RVE on multiple stands as vehicle distributors took advantage of RVE products to best present their models to the public visiting New Zealand’s biggest agricultural event in any year.

Holden Colorado Rox Concept vehicle

Holden Colorado Rox Concept vehicle

Showstopper Holden Colorado ROX created the awe Holden NZ were looking for. Drawing large amounts of interest to make the ROX interior a new tick the box option for Colorado in every Holden dealership.

While across the road, Mercedes-Benz showcased X-Class EXY to best effect. EXY proved to be a popular stop for premium Utility customers, although this exclusive edition has been whipped away to Christchurch for one lucky purchaser.

On the Volkswagen NZ display, Amarok Edition R featured heavily helping that stand win the Motor Precinct award for best display, narrowly beating Isuzu which had RVE DMax FD and Shadow in its arsenal.

Mercedes Benz X-Class Exy Extreme

Mercedes Benz X-Class Exy Extreme

Five RVE creations with 4 different brands must be a record of some kind.

Question is, how do we beat that in 2020?

RVE Supports Rapid Relief Team (RRT)

We are proud to be a premium supporter of the Rapid Relief Team. The team here at RVE have personally donated many hours of their free time by running sausage-sizzles throughout the country and much more. As a company we donated funds to ensure that RRT can provide relief to their four key areas: youth, emergency services, homelessness, health and disability.
We are proud to support RRT.

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Mitsubishi Triton FRX upgrade available

Mitsubishi Triton with the FRX package.

Mitsubishi Triton with the FRX package.

2019 will be a good year for Triton as Mitsubishi continues to win Ute customers and for the new RVE upgrade to FRX specification.

Triton lives in the rural sector as well as being at home in the trades environment, many picking it for the all-wheel-drive performance Triton competitors, can only dream of.

To give customers individuality and greater versatility, RVE takes the factory fresh Triton adding their signature race inspired Monza style leather seating giving a higher level of comfort and ruggedness.

Outwardly, the F-RX has a new wide stance, thanks to integrated designs of wheel arch flares and 20inch Intrepid alloy wheels shod with Black Bear All Terrain tyres.

The aggressive tread will make the days work in mud or weekend in the sand, easy to manage and all the while owning the highway.

The front design has a new bumper overlay to add to the wider stance and allows the option of a super bright 19inch light bar and grille insert to the package.

Mitsubishi Triton with the FRX package.

Mitsubishi Triton with the FRX package.

The new black flares coordinate with the decals on bonnet, sides and rear tailgate contrasting with vehicle body colour to best accentuate body shape.

Authorised installers across New Zealand and Australia are able to install the FRX upgrade and also include options such as the exclusive Electric rear lid for load carrying adaptability and security. 

Sports bars and sturdy side steps make loading your Triton, a breeze.

Also, to keep the interior cool, tinted windows can be installed at the same time as other upgrades and options.

Add these points of difference when you order FRX at your dealer of choice.

Top shelf upgrade for the premium Utility. Mercedes X-Class. EXY Extreme.

Fieldays 2019 has been a busy time for the team at RVE.

With utes featuring heavily in motor registrations and Fieldays being the key sales milestone in every year, hero products take up much time and man-hours in the months leading up to this very Kiwi event.

2019 has been no different, as the Mercedes-Benz X-Class X 350d gets an all-new makeover with the EXY EXTREME, a package that will make envy common for those not owning this very limited edition build.

The whole outlandish plan came together when Jim Stanners, Director of RVE Vehicle Enhancement floated the idea with Mercedes-Benz NZ.

Next, the proactive Christchurch dealer Armstrong Prestige had Sami Abhayagunawardena, the Mercedes-Benz LCV Brand Manager champing at the bit to have this special vehicle for his clients to experience.

EXY Extreme_08.jpg

Step one was to build the EXY EXTREME which is number 10 of 250 that will be built worldwide.

Pickup Design are Europe based focusing on enhancing and developing models in the utility vehicle market and RVE their distributor for New Zealand and Australia.

With the trend to global vehicle design, this partnership has many synergies as RVE are leaders in interiors where Pickup Design wrangle with improving exteriors.

All EXY Pickup Design product is certified to the stringent TUV standards, meaning new vehicle dealerships can sell upgraded models with confidence

EXY EXTREME is Pickup Designs latest development and brings higher levels of style, comfort and value to the class-leading Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6 Ute.

Featuring on the Mercedes-Benz stand at Fieldays, before heading south, EXTREME will be a highlight in this busy agricultural event.

Mercedes X-Class 350d EXY Extreme

Mercedes X-Class 350d EXY Extreme

Jim Stanners says ‘Armstrong Prestige’s Sami was just so incredibly passionate from the start it was infectious. Mercedes-Benz Christchurch will have the vehicle as a registered vehicle for a period before offering it for sale to one lucky owner’.

Other Pickup Design models include the EXY PRIME, EXY OFFROAD and EXY URBAN with varying levels of bespoke uniqueness. 

All models are available in New Zealand and Australia through RVE International holding Australasian distribution rights in both countries. 

Features include:

BODY KIT - painted with black structural protective paint

  • Front bumper

  • Bonnet lip

  • Headlight frames

  • Rear light frames

  • Front and rear arch extensions

  • Fuel filler covers

  • Rear spoiler

  • Rear bumper

  • Front diffuser


  • Suspension lift kit 30mm

  • Body lift kit 100mm


  • 18” pickup design rims

  • Black Bear mud-terrain tyres


  • Graphic styling stickers

  • Pickup Design emblems

  • Limited Edition plaque


  • Nappa and Alcantara sport interior

  • Steering wheel modification

  • Floor mats


  • Exhaust enhancer

  • Pickup Design terrain side steps

  • Pickup Design style bar - tonneau bar coated with black structural protective paint

  •   Additional rubber and metal arch extensions

 For more information email or call RVE NZ +649 582 0000 or Freephone on 0800 738 7648

Or AU Freephone 1800 639 103

Awe-inspiring home-grown Holden Colorado concept revealed ahead of Fieldays

Months in the making and sporting significant aesthetic and dynamic upgrades, Holden New Zealand has revealed its own home-grown concept to go on display at Fieldays – the Colorado ROX.

Built with the annual agricultural show in mind, the Colorado ROX will take pride of place at Holden’s site at Mystery Creek from June 12 then will embark on a nationwide dealership tour coupled with call-ins at major events and activations.

“Our driving desire was to take our most capable vehicle, the Colorado, and beef it up to become the greatest awe-inspiring, eye-catching piece of machinery ever devised by Holden New Zealand,” said Managing Director, Marc Ebolo.

“We know many of our customers have grand visions of what they’d like to do to personalise their own vehicles after driving them out of the dealership, so we wanted to showcase just how far you could take a Colorado.”

“Once the ball was rolling our Marketing team, together with partners RVE Vehicle Enhancement, spent considerable time and effort bringing this concept to life – and I think they’ve smashed the project out of the park.”

RVE Built, Holden Colorado Rox

RVE Built, Holden Colorado Rox

The super-truck features massive 35-inch Blackbear mud terrain tyres, with custom made monster flares to house the huge wheels.  A six-inch suspension and body lift raise the Colorado ROX towards the heavens, while ‘Rock Sliders’ with removable drop steps make ingress and egress almost as easy as getting in and out of a standard Colorado.

The Colorado ROX announces its arrival by way of a carbon fibre high-rise bonnet, complemented with a hand-crafted bespoke front steel bumper, replicated at the back of the vehicle.

Further enhancements to the exterior include a rear deck cargo system and 500mm tray extender, together with an extended wrapping roof bar incorporating retractable lights and roof basket.

The interior of the vehicle has been up-spec’d with the addition of front and rear RVE sports seats, complete with hand-built leather upholstery.

“The Colorado DNA is undeniable, but this vehicle has had a serious steroid enhancement, turning it into a big, bold and brash truck – the result is Colorado ROX,” said Holden National Marketing Manager, Marc Warr.

“It’s a real statement piece and shows what’s capable with a little imagination, combined with considerable expertise and a ridiculously capable and dedicated partner such as RVE.”

The Colorado ROX will demonstrate the model’s 3.5-tonne towing capability, hauling a fully-laden event trailer as it tours the country between dealerships and various stops along the way.


“The attention-grabbing trailer, and event kit which travels inside it, contribute to making the Colorado ROX a destination in itself.  It will be a massive drawcard at dealerships around the country and is already scheduled to appear at some big national events,” said Mr Warr.

“We’ve been impressed by the passion for this project shown by partners, dealers and also people who have caught wind of this secret operation.  We’re confident Colorado ROX will inspire people to think about Holden in a new and exciting way.”

To bring the project to life, Holden partnered with RVE Vehicle Enhancement, an Auckland-based operation specialising in aftermarket vehicle developments which had its beginnings more than 50 years ago.

Managing Director of RVE, David Stanners, said the team was up for the challenge right from the first meeting with Holden – and were instrumental in making big aspirations into an even bigger reality.

“The Colorado ROX was the type of project we’ve been waiting to be let loose on – all we needed was a willing partner who was prepared to share our vision and push boundaries along the way.

“The challenge started with fitting super-size tyres into massive flared arches, front and rear bumper upgrades and literally everything in-between.


“We engaged suppliers from as far away as Poland, America and Taiwan so it’s been a truly international effort, made all the more challenging as we created a huge majority of components from scratch which meant extensive one-off CAD engineering.

“The quality of workmanship is world-class and I’m incredibly proud of my team as the finished product is above and beyond what we hoped to achieve.”

Details of the Colorado ROX roadshow will be released after Fieldays, with an all-encompassing plan outlining the next 12-18 months of vehicle movements.  Holden enthusiasts who wish to find out where and when the monster truck will be appearing can do so by contacting their local dealer.

And as for the final piece of the concept puzzle – the name: Colorado ROX.

“The beauty is that it can be interpreted in many different ways,” said Mr Warr.

“It speaks about being tough, steadfast and dependable, conjuring visions of being dynamic and unstoppable.  Some might relate it to motorsport thanks to the Lion motif on the side of the vehicle, in which case it could be Rally Offroad Cross - but we’ll leave it up for people to make their own decisions.

“Either way, we’re quietly confident Colorado ROX will make an absolute statement wherever it’s seen.”

Ford Ranger XSV 2019 

Ranger has been a strong sales contender in the Ute category since its introduction and with good cause.

RVE’s XSV specification, offering both greater individuality and versatility, the most popular upgrade. For 2019, RVE has revised Ranger appointments with a fresh ‘Grey-out’ concept in a gloss finish for stunning looks but also easy care.  


Grey is the new black. 
Looking at the new decal design on bonnet, sides and tailgate, this is all brought together by the newly styled grille and integrated lights, now featuring the durable grey surround.

With newly styled flares accenting the latest 20inch wheel design fitted with optional rugged Black Bear  or AT2 Himalaya tyres.

All these treatments give a heavy-duty feel to a vehicle that already claims toughness. 


The new leather interior has also been updated as the ‘Monza’ seating design continues to grow in popularity. 

Hard wearing leather is a secret weapon, assisting values in vehicle changeover when fabric seating would normally look tired. 

 New XSV badging, tastefully finishes the interior detail and identifies this upgrade from ‘off the shelf’ Rangers.

It doesn’t finish there, RVE offer a range of options including RVE side steps for easy cabin access and loading to the roof area, also saves bringing all of nature indoors. The complete rear tray solution featuring the ROC Retractable Hard-lid, ROC Extended Sports Bar and American made Bedmat. Perfect for stowing those precious toys away. 

XSV equipped Ranger in the wild

XSV equipped Ranger in the wild

RVE’s lower grille and LED light bar is awesome for offroading; Lots of light when you need it. 

As with all RVE upgrades and products, quality is paramount and fitment by craftsmen carried out with great care and attention.

Installation available New Zealand and Australia wide.

XSV and RVE make this great truck greater. 

For more information: 

Visit: Email or Phone +64 9 582 0000