Reverse camera mirror with guidance lines.

OEM spec reverse camera. 

The Pantera Rear Camera system is the ultimate vehicle reversing safety solution.

The Pantera Reversing Camera monitor displays through a factory looking, full sized rear vision mirror. The mirror appears to be just like any other mirror until reverse gear is selected, it then reveals a 4.3” high definition LCD monitor giving a complete view of everything in the cameras view.

The Pantera Reversing Camera’s extremely wide angle view virtually eliminates any blind spot and gives the driver total control over the rear ‘danger’ zone. It works in much the same way as similar mirrors and cameras available as original equipment in some of the latest top end new vehicles.

The camera’s auto adjusting iris gives ultra-clear colour images during the day and at night the internal iris adjusts to use light from the car’s reversing lights showing a very clear black and white image. The high quality camera is unparalleled in its night vision even in extremely low light situations. 

Just like original equipment solutions the camera is hard wired to eliminate the random screen flicker that’s caused by radio frequency interference in wireless reversing camera options.

Installing a Pantera Reversing Camera is one of the most professional looking, cost effective way to add a reversing camera where a factory option is not available.