Vehicle Window Tinting

At RVE we have a professional in-house window tint film applicator.  If you have your vehicle with us why not get your vehicle windows tinted at the same time. We offer different range films from clear through to extra dark. 

  • Provides occupant and item privacy
  • Resists glass breakage
  • Laminates glass to protect against personal attacks.
  • Blocks 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays
  • 58%  heat protection
  • Defends against interior colour loss
  • 60% glare reduction
  • Sputtered nickel alloy layer
  • LIFETIME warranty

DARK  -  Takes most factory tint to minimum limit.

EXTRA DARK  -  Takes original clear glass to minimum light limit. (NOTE: Too dark for drivers and passenger windows).

BLACK  -  For block out on commercial vehicles.

MILD  -  Gives subtle protection and class.

CLEAR  -  Gives all the Ultimo Tint benefits without light loss.